headlight updgrade

bought some HIR bulbs to install in the headlights of the 80. Its brighter.
Driver's side is the new bulb, passenger side is the old. The lights are almost the same wattage (55w vs. 51w) but they have some fancy coating on them that reflects heat back onto the filament, making it glow hotter/brighter/whiter. Or so they say. I got them from Daniel Stern, who is a great resource for all things automotive light related.


Hey Steve,

Great blog, i enjoy reading it regularly! Im looking at going to Costa Rica later in the year for a few months and im tossing up whether to buy some wheels while im there or just hire what i need at the time?

I saw a post on the Costa Rica HQ blog http://www.costaricahq.org that says that a paid driver can be had from as little as $100 a day including fuel! This sounds tempting as i wont have the worry of having 'excess baggage' you could say. What are your thoughts?

Hi Rob,
Taht $100 figure sounds like a good deal, but not so low as to be "too good to be true". Certainly represents a good approach to getting around-- fewer worries about getting lost, on-hand translator, no hassles with the rental car.
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