Steve on September 23rd, 2011


Sunrise is a great metaphor for so many of life’s new beginnings.   Darkest before the dawn, clouds have silver linings, each day holds the promise of greatness…
The list is long and trite and optimistic.

…and beautiful. 

It’s awfully hard to resist the visual spectacle of low-angle sunshine.

Good morning to all!   Go out there and have a wonderful new day.

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Steve on September 16th, 2011



Sometimes I see stuff and think, “huh”; then share it with everyone else.

I thought that the contrast between the “pay me for my melange of garden produce” vs. “go ahead and eat my garden, if you like” was an interesting difference, just a few blocks apart.

And yes, I did have a strawberry. It was delicious.

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Steve on September 8th, 2011


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Steve on September 5th, 2011



While most lakes are beautiful, Donner is particularly lovely.  Stopping to enjoy it offers a nice respite from traffic. It’s also a nice chance to get a little history lesson. The very first group to cross the Sierra Nevada in wagons came through this way. I try to imagine how difficult that journey must have been, but my mind falls short of the task… those folks had gumption.

The weather in Tahoe was spectacular this weekend, mid 70s in the daytime, not too cold at night.

We were there to celebrate Ben and Michele’s wedding, I didn’t take a camera, but did snap some photos with my phone– Squaw Valley in the summer is awfully pretty!

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Steve on August 26th, 2011


Calafia chicken, garden fresh sorrel, tomato, mint; with cholula hot sauce.

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